Junior Registrations

2018/19 Summer Season

The 2018/19 Summer Basketball Season will run from 26th October 2018 and finishes with finals on 31st March 2019. Please contact the Norths Junior Coordinator at northsbasketball@yahoo.com.au for further information on playing for Norths in the 2018/19 Junior season.

Important Information for Junior Players

Please read the Junior Player Information page regarding Training, Coaching, Uniforms, Insurance etc for current Junior players.

New Junior Players

Please email our Junior Coordinator at northsbasketball@yahoo.com.au if you are interested in playing in the ACT basketball junior competition with Norths. Please provide in your email details of basketball experience and what grade you are interested in playing. Our Junior Coordinator will confirm team availabilities.

If you are proposing to transfer from another club to Norths please send an email to our Junior Coordinator with full details of your transfer request and Norths will request the transfer via the online transfer system. Your old club will be advised by email of the transfer request through the system and will need to approve your release from your old club. Note - Players will not be able to take the court as a Norths player until their transfer has been approved by their former club through the online transfer system.