2019 Senior Premier Rego

This page provides information for players to register in a Norths Basketball Club Mens or Womens Premier 1 or Premier 2 Team for the 2019 Senior Premier Winter Season.

If you have not been placed in a team please email NorthsSeniors@yahoo.com.au for team availability. Do not register before being placed in a team as registration fees paid online are difficult to refund.

Players Transferring to Norths - If you are transferring from another club to Norths please do not use this registration system until your transfer has been approved. Transferring players will not be able to take the court as a Norths player until their transfer has been approved by their former club through the online transfer system and they have paid the required fees detailed below.

Important - Please read the following information before registering at the bottom of this page.


The total cost for Senior Premier players in the 2019 Winter Season is $466.00 per player. This cost is across all teams - P1/P2 men and women - and consists of a Norths Club Fee of $420 plus an Individual Player Registration fee of $46.00 that is collected by Basketball ACT (BACT).

Club Fee - The Club fee of $420 per player consists of a $300 competition fee paid to BACT and $120 to cover training facility hire costs incurred by the Club and a small component goes towards the administration costs incurred to run Norths.

Norths have kept the fees as low as possible by taking advantage of an early bird discount for paying the full team competition fee up front to BACT and consolidating costs in-house. Our Club fee is very comparable to other clubs competing in the Senior Premier competition. However, we can only keep fees at a comparable rate if all players pay their fees on time and in full.

Basketball ACT (BACT) Registration Fee - BACT apply a compulsory Individual Player Registration fee of $46.00 per player per season. This fee is paid at the time of registration and is in addition to the Club fee above.

The BACT Individual Player Registration fee is used to cover Basketball ACT's affiliation with Basketball Australia (BA) in addition to the variety of insurance packages that a player receives. The BA affiliation fee, amongst other things, enables BA to invest in the national registration platform for basketball players in Australia.

Insurance is required in order to provide all Basketball ACT participants with cover should they become injured playing or training. It also provides Public Liability cover for all of our members.


Norths requires all fees to be paid in full before the season starts. You will be required to pay your Norths Club Fee and the BACT Registration in full through the online registration system linked to below.

Please do not deposit fees directly into the Norths bank account. They must be paid online through the registration link below.

The online payment system will accept credit card or direct debit payments only. This is the only fee payment option available at this time.

Until you complete your online registration and pay these fees you will not be eligible to play basketball for this season.

If you have concerns regarding paying the required fees in time please email Norths Treasurer at NorthsTreasurer@yahoo.com.au to discuss alternative payment arrangements.

Refer to the Norths Fees Policy for information on our policy for fees.

NOTE - if you have already paid your $46.00 Basketball ACT Individual Player Registration fee for this season, do not use the above form. Please email NorthsTreasurer@yahoo.com.au for instructions on paying your Norths fees.

If you have difficulty with the online registration form please email NorthsTreasurer@yahoo.com.au detailing the issue.