About Norths

The legal name of the Club is the "Norths Gungahlin Basketball Club".  The business/trading name of the Club is the "Norths Basketball Club".

The Norths Basketball Club is a not-for-profit volunteer managed community sports organisation, based in Gungahlin in the Australian Capital Territory.

The Club operates in and primarily supports the Gungahlin Region of Canberra, although will support anybody who wishes to play with the Club regardless of where they live.

The Club is a full member organisation of Basketball ACT (BACT) and fields a large number of teams in competitions provided by BACT.

Norths does not deliver basketball competitions in Canberra. Our role is to facilitate the joining of interested players into the competitions that are provided by BACT. We provide the selection process for placing players into appropriate teams, coaching, developing and training teams, and entering those teams into BACT competitions.

With over 350 players and 40 teams across the Junior and Senior divisions ranging from social to Premier League grades, Norths is one of the major basketball clubs in the ACT.

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Norths is a Development Club

Norths defines itself as a ‘Development’ club, but what does this mean and how does this distinguish us from other clubs?

In short, development is our number one priority above all others. Winning games is important, but it’s not everything. Our philosophy is that success on the court starts with a strong development culture. We strive to foster a community of growth, inclusiveness and learning for our players and coaches. This community starts with our youngest players in the junior competitions and continues all the way through to our Premier teams.

Our focus on development allows players and coaches to develop their skills and confidence in a safe and inclusive environment. We are proud of our development culture and strive to implement policies and processes that align with our vision. We welcome anyone seeking to develop their basketball abilities in our community.

Supporting the Club

Norths Basketball Club relies completely on members to assist with running the Club. You can assist by taking up a team coach or team manager position. If we cannot fill all positions at the start of each season, the Club will have the unenviable task of withdrawing teams from the competition. If you want to ensure your child enjoys their playing experience with the Club, step in to help out your child's team and the Club.

You can also assist the Club Committee in managing the Club meeting its member's expectations. Members look up to the Committee as the managers of the Club's integrity and viability. If you would like to assist the Committee in undertaking its activities and thus ensuring your child enjoys the benefits of a well run Club, contact a Club Committee member. Your support is greatly welcome and appreciated!