Norths role in delivering basketball is to facilitate the joining of interested players into the competitions that are provided by Basketball ACT in Canberra.

Norths provides the selection process for placing players into appropriate teams, coaching, developing and training teams, and entering those teams into Basketball ACT competitions.

Basketball ACT offers competitions for all standards – whether you are just starting out with some friends, want to join some friends already playing or a top-line player looking to get involved in high level competition - there is a place for you in basketball.

Norths enters teams in the following Basketball ACT competitions for juniors:

  • Under 12s to Under 19s Premier (High level competition);
  • Under 12s to Under 19s Social (social/development emphasis, various levels of play);
  • Under 10s - The Under 10 competition is for participation, learning, developing skills, developing team work and team rules and having fun. The competition is used as a stepping stone towards having the players ready to be able to play with as much competency as possible when they reach the Under 12 competition.

There is one main competition each calendar year, played from March to September. Please note, no games are played in school holidays or on public holiday weekends.

Junior Competition Registrations

CLICK HERE for information on registering in a Norths junior team.