Junior Player Information


All players are required to be registered with the Club and pay their fees in full prior to the commencement of the season.

Unregistered and unfinancial players will not be able to take the court in the competition. If members owe money to Norths from a prior season, they will need to pay the outstanding amount in full before registration for the next season will be accepted.

Note - Players who have outstanding fees owing to Norths will not be released to another club until those outstanding fees have been settled with Norths.

Please refer to the Norths Fees Policy for information on exemptions; and to the Refunds Policy for information on refunds.

Please contact the Club's Treasurer at [email protected] if you have any queries regarding the payment of fees or outstanding accounts or if you need special consideration for assistance with payment of fees.


Training is held weekly and all players are expected to attend. Players should bring a basketball and a drink bottle. Please contact your Team Manager or Coach if your child cannot make training.

Junior teams train at the Gold Creek Senior School Gymnasium which can be accessed off Clarrie Hermes Drive in Nicholls, and at the Gungahlin College Training Hall, Gungahlin. Note that after dark please take care in the car parks and making your way to and from the gyms.

It should be noted that coaches are not responsible for players who are dropped off at training earlier than the allocated training time or picked up later than the allocated training finishing time. Please check that the Coach has arrived before you leave your child at the training venue.

* Please be prompt in picking your child up at the end of training. Our coaches give generously of their own free time and deserve your cooperation in this matter. It is inappropriate for a Coach to have to wait at training for unattended children to be picked up by their parents at their leisure.

Note - Due to insurance ramifications, only team members should be at each training session. No siblings or friends are to be left unsupervised. The Coach cannot be responsible for them.


All our coaches are volunteers who provide their assistance for free to the club. Whilst the Club will make every endeavour to allocate a coach to every team, if none can be found and parents of team members cannot contribute, the Club reserves the right to withdraw the team.


All players will need to purchase their own uniform items for use during the season. Go to UNIFORMS for further information.


Details of competitions and draws for all grades in the ACT Basketball competition are available on the Basketball ACT website.

If your child is unable to make a game, please contact your Team Manager as soon as possible so a replacement can be found if necessary. Parents are expected to assist with the team's bench duty and Team Managers will prepare a roster for each team to ensure duty is shared evenly. Basketball ACT holds bench duty courses throughout the year (contact the Junior Coordinator for details) and Managers are able to assist where necessary. Teams can be fined for not providing duty which is a cost that will need to be passed on to the team members as the club does not have the financial capacity to meet these extra costs.


The Norths Basketball Club does not carry individual insurance. All registered members of Basketball ACT are covered under the Basketball Australia State and Territory National Insurance Program. This program is handled by V-Insurance Group (Corporate authorised representative of Willis) as Basketball ACT's insurance broker. Please note that insurance cover only applies to members who are involved in Basketball ACT sanctioned competitions and activities. Members are not covered if they play in a non-affiliated basketball competition.

CLICK HERE for further information on Basketball ACT's member insurance arrangements, including how to submit an injury report form.


It is a condition of entry to all basketball facilities that players, coaches, managers, parents and spectators must abide by Basketball ACT's code of conduct which is available from http://www.basketballact.com.au/rules-procedures/

In addition to Basketball ACT's code of conduct, Norths has adopted its own expectations in regard to the conduct of people involved with the Club to improve the experience of basketball for all. These expectations can be found in the Norths Code of Conduct policy document.

Why does basketball seem more expensive than other sports?

As basketball is played throughout the year, the associated costs of providing this service (team entry fees, facility hire, club administration, etc) are naturally higher than some other sports which may only be played for a season (e.g soccer/AFL/rugby/rugby league/cricket etc).

In actual fact, when the costs are averaged out based on per month, basketball is quite a competitive option compared to many other sports.


The Club's primary correspondence with members is via email so it is important that we have this information correct in our database. It is vital that you check your email address regularly with the Club as last minute changes to draws are notified by email to coaches and managers. Fee notices are also advised to members via email. Please advise the Club of any changes that occur with your email address.


If you have any queries, please email [email protected]