AGM Outcomes

The 2024 Annual General Meeting for the Norths Basketball Club was held on 13th March 2024.

Nine (9) people attended the meeting.

Committee positions that were filled at the 2024 AGM were:

  • Treasurer – Vicky Maplesden (re-elected, two-year term)
  • Junior Coordinator – Fiona Wright (re-elected, two-year term)
  • Public Officer – David Maplesden (elected, two-year term)

The following position was not filled:

  • Vice President – Vacant pending filling

Full support will be given to anybody who would be interested in taking on the Vice President position. Please contact the Norths President at  [email protected] for further information.

A description of the roles and responsibilities of Committee Member Positions can be downloaded from here: Norths Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Information on why and how you can become a committee member can be downloaded from here Become a Committee Member